Basic Office Conversation
Základní anglické fráze a obraty pro komunikaci s kolegy v kanceláři

Běžná komunikace se rozvijí v konverzaci nad každodenními tématy o běžných pracovních záležitostech. Anglické fráze a obraty pro snadné zvládnutí jednoduchého rozhovoru v kanceláři najdete v následující lekci.

Tato lekce obsahuje zvukovou nahrávku, kliknutim na ikonku zvuk prehrajete

It's not working talk

A: I can't get the printer to work.
B: Did you check to see if it had paper?

A: Yeah. That's the first thing I checked.
B: I don't know then. You might have to call the technician.
A: How do I do that?

B: Just tell the admin and she should take care of it.

A: Is there another printer that I can use?

B: Yeah. There's one down the hall next to the supply room.
A: Oh yeah... I remember that one. Thanks.
B: No problem.

Need some help talk

A: Do you have a lot of work?

B: Yeah. I'm pretty busy. Why?

A: Oh. I needed some help on documenting this process.
B: Does this have to be done right now?

A: The manager wants it by Friday.
B: I'll try to free up my schedule. Remind me again tomorrow morning, and I'll help you in the afternoon.

A: Do you need to read the documents first?
B: Yeah. That would help.

A: I'll print you a copy and then drop them off.
B: Make sure you drop it off before five because I have to leave early.
A: No problem. Thanks.


Welcome a newcomer talk

A: Are you new here?
B: Yeah. I just started yesterday.

A: Welcome aboard. I'm Jack.
B: I'm Mark. Nice to meet you.

A: What are you going to be working on?
B: I'm going to work on the planning team. But I haven't started yet. I'm still in training.

A: The planning team is great. Our marketing team works with them closely. We'll end up working together sometimes.
B: That's great. Oh, can I ask you some questions?

A: Sure.

B: Does this company have a casual Friday?

A: Not really. You can get away with wearing slacks, but I've never seen anyone wear jeans.

B: That's alright. Do you know any good places to eat around here?
A: Yeah there's a deli right across the street. They have fresh sandwiches and sometimes hot dishes like teriyaki. It's pretty good.

B: That sounds good. Thanks for the info.
A: No problem. If you need anything, I sit right around the corner here.

A talk about office pranks

Suzy: I was browsing photos on the Internet the other day on Flickr and I’m not sure how I ended up there, but I saw this really funny thing. It was to do with office pranks. And apparently, some guy in some office was known for having, like, far too many Post-its posted all over his workstation on his computer…

Tonny: Mmm hmm

office post-it prankSuzy: …and for his birthday the people in the office had gotten together and completely papered his entire office with Post-its — it was like, some 47,000 Post-its or something posted all over his office in this multicolored rainbow. And there was this whole collection of different office pranks in this photo collection on Flickr. And I, you know, I don’t really have much experience working in an office, but you do, and I was wondering if you ever played office pranks at any time?

Tonny: Most of the time that I was working in an office we were too busy working to dead— unrealisticdeadlines to think about pulling pranks. And usually the, the people I was working for were rather strict and didn’t have much in the way of asense of humor. So pulling office pranks isn’t something that we were…it was never on the agenda; we wouldn’t have got away with it.

Suzy: Really? So there was no place for fun at all? In any of the—

Tonny: Not really no. We were, seriously, we were too, I’m not exaggerating, it was very busy, always focused on the work, and always a very short deadline with a lot of work to do. So there were very few idle moments when you would be able to pull off a prank.

Suzy: Oh…well, that’s too bad ’cause I think a little bit of fun in the workplace probably makes people happier and, and, and, and work better.

Tonny: I would agree, that’s something that would’ve made things more enjoyable, perhaps.

Suzy: I mean, you don’t want people goofing off all the time on company time but I think, you know, a few, a half an hour here and there with people having some fun, that in the long run you’d have more productive and happy employees.

Tonny: Sure, yeah, I think that’s a fair comment.




Seznam slovíček k lekci

browse - prohlížet  přehrát 
end up - ukončit  přehrát 
do with - dělat s  přehrát 
apparently - zjevně  přehrát 
deadline - nejzazší termín  přehrát 
prank - šprým  přehrát 
sense of humor - smysl pro humor  přehrát 
agenda - program  přehrát 
agenda - program jednání  přehrát 
get away with - mít úspěch s  přehrát 
exaggerating - přehánějící  přehrát 
idle - nevyužitý  přehrát 
goof off - flákat se  přehrát 
long run - dlouhodobý  přehrát 

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